• ICP connection data

    • v2

      The ICP connection data API provides two functions to get data on Installation Control Points (ICP):

      • The GET action - a search function, allows searching by via address filters and returns matching results allowing the correct ICP to be identified.
      • The GET action - get by id, takes a single ICP and returns detailed information about it.

      A management policy for this API is set in the API product.

      In order to use the ICP connection data you must subscribe to the ICP connection data API product to receive your API key.

  • Real-time dispatch

    The real-time dispatch API provides a GET action and returns a set of three variables — dispatch prices, generation or dispatch megawatts, and megawatts of load. Note that dispatch prices are similar to but not identical to real-time prices – dispatch prices are generated a few minutes apart from real-time prices.

    In order to use the real-time dispatch API you must subscribe to the Wholesale market prices API product to receive your API key.

    The real-time dispatch API will return the following fields:

    • PointOfConnectionCode
    • FiveMinuteIntervalDatetime
    • FiveMinuteIntervalNumber
    • RunDateTime
    • SPDLoadMegawatt
    • SPDGenerationMegawatt
    • DollarsPerMegawattHour

    A policy has been applied to the wholesale price APIs restricting users to 60 calls per minute and a total of 60 MB of data per hour. The Authority may revise this policy if high rates of utilisation negatively impacts performance.